2023 Festival Director's Notes

Bwana Asifiwe

NOTE Swahili pronunciation: BWA-na ah-see-FEE-way

*If time permits, we may process down the aisle on this first piece.

p. 2   Solo from the front of the sanctuary

p. 3 mm. 9-16  Groups I & II sing from the back of the sanctuary

p. 3 m. 17  Begin Processional to the front (instrumentalists repeat mm. 16-19 until everyone is in place)

p. 8 mm. 72-77  Group II: 6 measure phrase (no breath)

p. 9 mm. 88-89  Group II: no breath between “hear ” and “no”

p. 10 mm. 96-97  Group I: no breath between “bwana” and “bwana asifiwe ”

p. 11 mm. 108-109  Group II: no breath between “adore” and “him”

P. 11 mm. 111-113  Assign cue notes to a few top voices

Thanks Be to God

NOTE form is ABABA Coda
Observe breath marks in score

Forty Days and Nights

NOTE form is AABA Coda
Observe breath marks in score

p. 14 First time sing mf. Second time (on repeat) sing mp


We will do the finger snaps at the beginning (mm. 3-8)

p. 5 m. 54 Change dotted quarter note to a whole note

p. 7 m. 82 Change eighth note to a quarter note (on the word, ” He “)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at sdeal58@gmail.com

I ’ m excited to get to make music together! Susan Deal