Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Central Florida Chapter Children's Choir Festivals

Q1: I only have one choir with grades 1-6. May I register first and second graders as Junior singers?
A1: This is strongly discouraged since it is a very long day even for 3rd graders. If you only have one choir, it is better to have everyone learn all the anthems, but register the yonger ones as primaries. That way the younger ones can spend a relaxing morning on the day of the festival with other full day primaries or the younger ones can arrive later. Younger singers will not function well in Junior interest group classes. Our experience shows that it is not fair to any of the children or our volunteer teachers to have younger children in the Junior interest group classes.
Q2: What is the difference between a director and a chaperone?
A2: Normally there is only one director per choir. The director is the person who is in charge of the entire group and is required at the 10:30 am meeting. Chaperones are the extra people needed to supervise the children.
Q3: What are the duties of chaperones?
A3: Chaperones should be with the children during the line-up time starting at 8:30 am. Even very small choirs should bring at least one chaperone to ensure safety (many of us are now required to have "two deep" adult leaders).
Q4: Why are there so many columns on the Registration Form?
A4: First and second choices are needed to equalize class sizes. Please be sure each singer is listed on only one row of the form.
Q5: Do the children wear choir robes during the festival performance?
A5: No, choir members do not wear choir robes during a Central Florida Chapter's Choir Festival. Many choirs prefer to create specialized tee-shirts which choir members wear for the festival. These tee-shirts serve also as a special recognition of the choir member's special efforts to prepare for the festival.
Q6: For choirs which must travel the day prior to the festival what assistance is provided for housing?
A6: The festival host generally negotiates special group (4 people to a room) rates with one or more motels in the area of the festival. Please see Festival Information page for details.
Q7: What activities are available for primary singers in the morning?
A7: A room containing videos and materials for other activities will be available in the morning. Each choir must provide a leader for primary singers making use of this room. Because this is a very long day for small children, few organized activities are provided by the festival organizers for primaries in the morning.
Q8: What additional activities do the choir members participate in at the festival?
A8: Our festivals include Special Interest Groups for Juniors. Many Junior singers participate in one Performing and one Exploring Interest Group. Some performing Interest group classes (Dance or Drama) meet twice; children in those performance classes will not have time for an Exploring class. Performing Groups will give a presentation at the closing concert. Special Interest Groups at our recent festivals have included: puppetry, sacred dance, hand bells, recorder, and sign language. Primary singers have a musical game session in the afternoon.