Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Central Florida Chapter Children's Choir Festivals

Q1: What is the difference between a director and a chaperone?
A1: Normally there is only one director per choir. The director is the person who is in charge of the entire group and is required at the 10:30 am meeting. Chaperones are the extra people needed to supervise the children.
Q2: What are the duties of chaperones?
A2: Chaperones should be with the children during the line-up time starting at 8:30 am. Even very small choirs should bring at least one chaperone to ensure safety (many of us are now required to have "two deep" adult leaders).
Q3: Why are there so many columns on the Registration Form?
A3: First and second choices are needed to equalize class sizes. Please be sure each singer is listed on only one row of the form.
Q4: Do the children wear choir robes during the festival performance?
A4: No, choir members do not wear choir robes during a Central Florida Chapter's Choir Festival. Many choirs prefer to create specialized tee-shirts which choir members wear for the festival. These tee-shirts serve also as a special recognition of the choir member's special efforts to prepare for the festival.
Q5: For choirs which must travel the day prior to the festival what assistance is provided for housing?
A5: The festival host generally negotiates special group (4 people to a room) rates with one or more hotels in the area of the festival. Please see Festival Information page for details.